A place that seems to almost exist out of time, the 200 kilometre coastline of the Wild Coast has earned its name. Rolling grassland hills dotted with Xhosa huts, steep forested valleys, rocky shores against which waves crash violently, and secluded sandy beaches make the Wild Coast a place of rugged and remote beauty.


  • See the Hole in the Wall, an impressive landmark in the shallows of the ocean with a huge detached cliff that has a giant opening carved through its centre by the waves
  • Hike to Waterfall Bluff, an iconic series of waterfalls that plunge directly into the ocean
  • Visit the Xolobeni Sands, also known as the Red Desert, arguably the smallest desert in the world, set just 500 metres from the Indian Ocean
  • Observe the Sardine Run, an annual phenomenon sparked by the entry of billions of sardines into the waters off the coast, sparking a feeding frenzy amongst marine and bird life.