A land of contrasts, the Green Kalahari sees the vast shimmering semidesert of the Kalahari interrupted by the powerful Orange River, which snakes its way some 2200 kilometres from Lesotho in the east to empty into the Atlantic Ocean in the west, where South Africa and Namibia meet. Along its length the river feeds lush farmlands and vineyards, creating a thick greenbelt in the midst of the harsh, arid surrounds.


  • See the river at its most violent at Augrabies Falls, a 56 metre high waterfall emptying into an 18 kilometre long gorge
  • Explore the arid beauty of Augrabies Falls National Park and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.
  • See the unusual Quiver Tree forest at Nieuwoudtville, the trees fascinating with their peeling, golden bark and thick rosettes of leaves
  • Sample wines from the cellars at the small towns that dot the Orange River.